Product Application Areas :

• Greenhouses (tomato, cucumber, pepper, etc.)
• Landscape areas
• Nursery gardens
• Flower production facilities
• Other miscellaneous gardens
• Fields (lettuce, watermelon, etc.)
• Animal husbandry facilities and animal shelters (cattle and ovine breeding and livestock fattening)
• Production facilities for ornamental plants

Its benefits:

• It makes a balanced shading in the target area, and provides the protection of the products against harmful lights of sun
• It allows the healthy air conditoning of the area thus shaded.
• It decreases the evaporation which may occur in the process of the irrigation to be made in the areas where the product is used.
• It extends the life of usage of greenhouse nylons and other agricultural equipments that remain under shading.
• It protects the area that the shading is made against environmental factors such as dew, frost and dust.
• It protects any agricultural products against birds and harmful insects.
• It also maintains the required air circulation through its porous texture while it provides the shading of the area.
• It is resistant to wearing and tearing.

Our shade nets are manufactured at five types of shading densities depending on products to be used, areas and environmental factors.

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