Since it is durable thanks to its by UV contribution, special raw material content and texture type, it is economic and may be used for long years. It has been designed for increasing productivity and preventing product loss by protecting plantation in agriculture sector from damages resulting from hail and heavy rainfall. It is the insurance and warranty for the product

Product Application Areas:
Orchards (apple, apricot, nectarine, peach, plum, citrus fruit ) Greenhouses Vineyards Nursery gardens Flower production facilities Miscellaneous fields and Agricultural areas

Its benefits:

It prevents any damages of heavy rain and hail to plant and fruit. It protects the products against harmful sunlights by filtering by means of its texture type. It protects the products against birds and harmful instects. It protects product against harmful environmental factors such as dew, frost and dust. It maintains equal protection and shading at agricultural fields used because of homogen structure. It also maintains required air circulation through its porous texture while it protects the products. It is manufactured by making extra reinforced weaving in order to increase durability at the edges and middle of the net. It can be produced with eyelets at its edges depending on request.

Technical Specifications :

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